Federal Lab Resources

Federal Laboratory Resources

Enabling Federal Clinical Laboratories to Achieve More

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Challenges faced by federal clinical laboratories include:

  • High patient volumes
  • Staffing shortages
  • Interoperability issues
  • Patient safety, quality control and assurance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Emergency preparedness and business continuity
  • Cybersecurity

As a leader in serving federal labs, Data Innovations’ lab middleware and technology provide solutions for all these challenges.

Currently approved and in use by the Veterans Health Administration since 2016,

DI’s lab enablement solutions are designed to work across the full spectrum of lab operations to improve efficiencies, productivity, patient safety, quality care, compliance, lab uptime, disaster preparedness, and business continuity. 

Resources for Federal Clinical Laboratories

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Discover “6 Strategies to Boost Federal Lab Performance

Learn how actual federal labs are achieving more with autoverificaiton

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Get the answers from “Optimizing Federal Clinical Laboratories: 10 Benefits of Vendor-Neutral Lab Middleware 

Learn how Instrument Manager is optimizing federal lab productivity and patient care

US Federal User Group

Virtual User Group

Rewatch the 2024 Data Innovations Virtual Federal User Group, a 4-hour training event exclusively tailored to the needs of VA and Federal labs

Join Data Innovations' in-house VHA experts Liesl Wilson and Evelyn Harrison to learn how your VHA peers are using autoverification

From Our Customers

After Data Innovations added autoverification to 4 analyzers in a core lab:

“It has helped the staff tremendously, and they can complete the daily workload in half the time. The lab has become less stressed-out with a happier and more friendly atmosphere.”
Laboratory Information Manager
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Lab Enablement Solutions for Federal Clinical Laboratories

Learn more about how your federal lab can work smarter, improve productivity, and optimize patient care through our end-to-end lab enablement solutions.

Take control of your lab and patient care with the industry leader in vendor-neutral lab middleware.

Streamline your lab’s quality assurance with automated solutions that reduce resource hours while increasing compliance. 

Streamline KPI tracking and reporting, and gain actionable insights to improve operational performance. 

Empower your staff with autoverification and other tools to boost lab performance.

Secure your lab with uptime optimization, emergency preparedness, and business continuity solutions. 

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